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About Us
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Many Students like to know about the method of Karate and people behind the System they study. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves our system and our company.

Our Philosophy

We are a small group of very hard core Karate-ka left over from the Old Sakugawa lineage that still believes Karate is for realistic life preservation and not sport. We are researchers and seekers of information and knowledge.

Our unique Lineage and outlook has made our system of teaching and life preservation stronger and more realistic than any we have found, but we keep searching.


We have developed our own programs for children, youth and adults to allow the teaching of traditional Karate with the ideals of our founders.

Our objective is to provide a high quality traditional method of Karate that is both practical and reliable for self-defense. We hope you will enjoy studying with us, and have enjoyed visiting our web site.

Our Instructor's

Our Instructors play an important role in our School system and are  World Renowned ! They Are Also Certified Black Belts. Fitness Certified And First Aid/CPR Certified Through The American Heart Association.

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We would like to introduce you to our Founder and our professional staff of instructors. Our Founder has 38 years of experience in the Martial Arts. You will find that we provide the highest qualified Instructors for your Martial Arts education. Please click on a link to learn a little about each member of our staff.

Karate Incorporated Instructors must continue to maintain a very high standard of physical excellence, as well as continuing education. Especially in regards to the science and psychology of teaching and training adults, children and seniors.

Very important when choosing a karate program is the experience, knowledge, expertise and personality of the instructors and personal trainers who are teaching you.

 Karate Incorporated instructors, personal trainers, and cardio instructors are certified CPR, and first aid providers through the American Heart Association. They are also certified through some of the leading fitness organizations such as IFPA, IDEA, ISSA, and ACE. They must also get certified and continue their education through the American Council of Safe Martial Arts (ACSMA).

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Our Company


Karate Incorporated  Was started in 1988 by: Al Martin Jr, Sensei who wanted to build a successful traditional Karate school chain where training could take place without ego or selfish pride. From the beginning, Al Martin Jr. Sensei was determined to establish the most professional martial arts organization possible. In 1990, he introduced the first Instructor’s Operations Manual, which provided information and procedures to standardize the operation of all Karate Incorporated schools he also shared marketing acumen with its instructors, helping to build a stronger organization by presenting traditional Karate, with consistent, professional programs and messages to the public.


Our Community Focus      


Karate Incorporated's Focus program was created after recognizing the need for an alternative way for families to have their children taught the martial arts and other Safety skills, Life skills, and Stranger Awareness skills not focused on in most Karate school environments.


Our Instructors go to your child's school, day care or pre-school facility or after-school program to teach our age appropriate programs in an atmosphere already familiar and comfortable to the child.


Different age groups develop at different levels, so our children's programs are based on age specific curriculums that emphasize focus, balance, and hand and eye coordination, listening, following directions, life skills, respect and discipline, along with basic martial arts training.


Children learn and retain information by way of repetition and positive reinforcement, all of which are incorporated in our programs.


 Best of all, there is no need to make special arrangements or rush your child to a martial arts class after work. We bring the class to your child.


Our S.M.A.R.T Kids program focuses on peer pressure, bullies, daily stress, Stranger Awareness and all the values needed to deal with potential problems or situations that children may have to deal with, while still maintaining respect for their selves; and their decisions.


For information regarding our Karate Schools curriculum for specific age groups, please see our Children’s Classes page.


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