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Danny L. Jones, Sensei


Danny L. Jones, Sensei Started training in Sakugawa/Matsumura Shorin Ryu Karate with Al Martin Sr. Hanshi in 1978 he was a student along-side Al Martin Jr. until the passing of Al Martin SR., Hanshi in 1982. Danny L. Jones, Sensei and Al Martin Jr., Sensei after the passing of Al Martin Sr., Hanshi in 1982 both became students of Jim Tyler, Kyoshi who was one of Al Martin Sr, Hanshi's students. In 1984 Danny L. Jones, Sensei's Family moved and he was unable to continue training with Jim Tyler, Kyoshi. The Jones family returned in 1986 and Danny Jones, Sensei began training with Al Martin Jr, Sensei who he has trained with ever since. Now in 2007 almost two decades in the arts later; with nearly twenty years teaching Okinawa  Shorin Ryu to Adults and their kids.  Danny L. Jones, Sensei states he has no regrets. “Most people I meet are not as fortunate as I have been" I have to agree with my Constituents Matt Sommers, Sensei and Chris Kimsey, Sensei's statements in the following!   Most people we meet earn a Black Belt in a Commercial dojo in Shotokan, Goju, Isshin or other Ryu’s, or one of the Itosu Shorin Ryu Branch systems like Matsumura Seito or Shobayashi maybe even Tae Kwon Do or worst someone’s Modern Mixed Martial Arts crap and they get caught up in themselves, how great they are or how Great their style or Sensei (Teacher) is; in reality they have no clue of the realm or scope of real Karate (Okinawa Life preserving Hand) and are to closed minded due to the massive amounts of time and money that they have shelled out, to find out for themselves. Most of these folks start their own Systems or they search out a money hungry Okinawan to be their modern Master of their system in hopes that by doing so it gives them a leg up on their money grubbing competition claiming lineage back to old Okinawa. Someone once said one day real Okinawa Karate would only be found in America what a unique truth!  (Gichin Funakoshi, Sensei)

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