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Menlo, Georgia Dojo

Welcome to our web site!

This is the site for all  Karate Incorporated School's and Students.  This site is Dedicated to the "Ultimate in Self-Defense Shorin-Ryu Karate". From  Okinawa to America. Brought Back By American Service Men after the Wars.

 Our Location's

Karate Incorporated Augusta, Georgia.                       Karate Incorporated Barnesville, Georgia.

Karate Incorporated Cartersville, Georgia.                  Karate Incorporated Gainesville, Georgia.

Karate Incorporated Rome, Georgia.                            Karate Incorporated Menlo, Georgia

Karate Incorporated Bradenton, Florida.                Karate Incorporated Brandon, Florida.

Karate Incorporated Fort Lauderdale , Florida.            Karate Incorporated Fort Myers, Florida. 

Karate Incorporated Naples, Florida.                           Karate Incorporated North Port, Florida. 

Karate Incorporated Port Charlotte, Florida.               Karate Incorporated Stuart, Florida. 

 Karate Incorporated Tampa, Florida.                          Karate Incorporated Vero Beach, Florida.                                                                          

     Some locations are independently owned and operated corporations that are licensees of Karate Incorporated,.


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